Birdwatch with John Tschopp: the Northern Pygmy Owl

On Wednesday, our dear birding correspondent shared, “While I was twiddling my thumbs in a hospital bed in Vancouver, Sharon, my wife, held the fort in Pemberton. She had an interesting visitor in the shape of a Northern Pygmy Owl. They seem to show up at least once a winter. For a meal it picked a Blackbird . Like most Owls, NPOW can twist the head +180 * .  The trick to this Owl is the graphics on the back of the head. As the pictures show, one has to look twice to decide between back and front.

Dear John, we send you good wishes for your health. And thank you, Sharon, for holding down the bird-spotting fort so we didn’t miss these spectacular images!

2 thoughts on “Birdwatch with John Tschopp: the Northern Pygmy Owl

  1. onceafarmgirl says:

    A couple years back I had to drop my kid off super early in town and on the way home, about 6 am, just before my place there were 2 of these sitting on the edge of the pavement! I often see Mr. Tschopp sitting near there in his truck keeping an eye out.

    • Lisa Richardson says:

      No way! How awesome. What a cool encounter. Love the image of Mr Tschopp staking out that spot too! Thanks for sharing xo

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