What happens when community comes together?!

On Boxing Day, we shared word that the Spud Valley Nordic Club had lost their trailer full of gear.

Well, not to mince words: some unfortunate character had hitched up their trailer and driven off with it.

As we wrote:

That means, they drove away with ALL THE SUPPLIES for a volunteer-powered kids’ activity.


This perplexing behaviour could lead me into a great tantrum. But instead, it feels more constructive to assume that person must be in great pain and was clearly not hugged enough as a child… and to rally with community to focus on the kids… and show them that for every bad apple, there are literally hundreds of good, decent, big-hearted, kind, thoughtful humans amongst us. Let’s focus on that.

The power of community is that every little bit adds up…

And so it did!

Yesterday, the gofundme fundraiser organizer, Katie Sorensen, advised that the crowdfunding campaign to raise $10,000 to support and replace the club’s equipment needs had met its goal!

Thank you to everyone that contributed… we have made our goal! The Pemberton Nordic ski program will be strong for years to come!

Pause a moment and let that land in your body. Let your heart swell a little bit.

There are so many things to cause distress and outrage in the world – and media is full of them, because, for some reason, that is the narrative we are being force-fed as if our livers are being fattened up for someone’s dinner. What if we made an effort to sit in the feeling of the good news, the things that make us feel held and connected, for as long an amount a time as we inhabit the distress?!

People made contributions ranging from $20 to $1000… and while I want to acknowledge the generosity of the Pemberton Valley Supermarket, it’s those $20 donations that really lift my heart.

It’s so easy for us to think that we’re too small to do anything, to make a difference. And maybe it’s because we just finished watching the Lord of the Rings in which the littlest creatures save the world, (go hobbits!), I’m feeling very bullish on the power of the Small… Only, the power of the Small needs to be part of a fellowship. We can’t make a dent on our own. But in concert! Wow!

So here’s to fellowship.

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