Mind trip of the day

I’ve become a fan of Thomas Hubl, for his insights on trauma, and the need for collective healing, to address all the unmetabolized stuff that we’re all lurching around in. I think it’s because I appreciate big picture explanations of what’s afoot in the world today… So, this quote seemed like a worthy New Year mind trip to offer forth. What if we could conceive of ourselves in this way? Temporary matter. Eternal energy or spirit. Meeting up, for a moment, under these current circumstances, to make some stuff happen.

Each step we take, is history being made.

As Margaret Atwood writes, beautifully, of the solstice, which technically is the solar New Year, so it’s apt to call forth on this day, which is the Gregorian New Year, this is the year’s threshold and unlocking, the point where the past lets go of and becomes the future.

Taking hands like children
lost in a six-dimensional
forest, we step across.

Margaret Atwood, Shapechangers in Winter

What shall we step towards, today? Hold the most beautiful visions you can, in your mind, as we walk towards it. That’s the only way we’ll get there. By keeping our eyes on it. However audacious it may seem.

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