This fall, make a pledge to decolonize yourself in some small way, to acknowledge Orange Shirt Day

I’m not sure what you’re going to be doing on September 30th, the first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, and Canada’s newest public holiday.

It feels like there’s a powerful tension there – do you rest, recreate, take a day off, be with friends and family – or do you commit to rolling up your sleeves and doing some of the hardest work of our lives, which is turning towards discomfort, truth, realizing that “history is an edit” and we’ve been given a very biased version, that needs more voices and more facets before it even comes close to being truthful.

Ta7talíya Michelle Nahanee of Decolonize First, a Consulting Agency dedicated to catalyzing social change to transforming colonial narratives & impacts with decolonial workbooks, facilitation, & design grounded in Squamish Matriarchy (follow her work at is offering 5 new on-demand courses, based on her live group trainings, along with their popular Cultural Safety on-demand workshop.

We are on a journey of unlearning – unlearning what we think we know – so we can expand our hearts and minds to transform the world we’re living in, and passing on to the kiddos, and let’s be honest, it’s desperately needed…

Days of rest are needed too.

But the unlearning is necessary, important, creative, beautiful, humbling, and expanding.

We can look to teachers to help us unlearn, and the best teachers are probably the ones who’ve said, you know, I come from a lineage of thousands of years of wisdom rooted in this land where you actually are living right now… and honouring their offerings by saying yes, signing up, making time, and contributing $$ to power their efforts, is one sure step forward.

These are on-demand virtual mini-courses to open up access to work that Decolonize First normally charge a lot to host in person!

You can sign up yourself, or get a group of friends together (email to buy an access code for a group.)

Which one do you think you’ll start with?

(And if you do a course, we’d love to hear your reflections on it. Unlearning can feel uncomfortable, as though our foundations shift beneath our feet, and it’s really helpful to be in it together, and acknowledge all the messy emotions – confusion, defensiveness, guilt, grief – that show up.)

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