Slow Food Cycle Sunday – the documentary series

Since I first met her, before Slow Food Cycle Sunday was even a gleam in our eyes, Anna Helmer has been the most vocal advocate for farmland, for honouring and protecting it, for preventing it from development, because, how could you not want to eat food that is grown in such a beautiful place?

It takes time to grow produce. It takes effort. It takes a lot of tenacity, grit, patience, perseverance, willingness to be out in the thick of the heat, the mosquitoes, whatever the conditions of each season are. So, why wouldn’t we want to slow down, spin our legs, and take a moment to savour that?

We have been living in a culture of devouring for so long – we chomp up land, forests, food. What if we switched gears and savoured things instead?

We’ll still have our needs met. We’ll still be full. We just might find that it’s slightly more renewing.

Check this out. It will make you feel so proud to live here.

The third Sunday in August is when Slow Food Cycle takes place in Pemberton. This year, given global uncertainty around COVID-19, gatherings, events and the like, the current organizers at Tourism Pemberton opted to invest their energy in producing a documentary series sharing what has infused Slow Food Cycle from the outset – celebrating food, farmers and the joy of biking! This is the first of the series of docu-videos highlighting the importance of farming and agri-tourism in Pemberton, while showcasing Pemberton’s beautiful farming community. Share it! Inspire people. There’s a reason this event took root so easily in Pemberton – everyone loves the chance to be in closer (beneficial) relationship with the people and environment that generates their dinner.

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