Village of Pemberton implements watering restrictions to protect the drinking water supply and fire flow storage

How much water can a hot thirsty town down?

A LOT, according to a recent post from the Village of Pemberton, advising that Level 3 Water restrictions have been brought for the Village, restricting watering to one day a week during off-peak hours (4am – 9am, or 7pm – 10pm.) (The next level of restrictions means all sprinkling and irrigation is prohibited entirely.)

According to the Village, the heat wave triggered record-breaking water usage – on June 28, the Village used 4.2 million litres of water, in a single day, three times the national average per capita!

That level of water usage (while understandable) puts enormous stress on the municipal treated water supply. Disregarding these restrictions could compromise critical infrastructure — the drinking water supply may diminish, and fire flow storage requirements for fire fighting will not be met.

Why is there a water shortage when Pemberton is surrounded by water?

With population growth and climate change, there is increasing pressure on Pemberton’s water supply. Water restrictions are always in effect from June 1 through September 30 each year.

Pemberton’s potable water supply is unrelated to river levels. All municipal water must be treated and pumped up to reservoirs which have limited capacity.

Water restrictions are set by the Village of Pemberton and apply only to the use of treated drinking water – not private well water and recycled water.

For more information, visit the Sprinkling and Watering Restrictions page:

There are a lot of great Water Conservation tips on the page, too.

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