Whose job is it to hold this pain?

When I first heard of the 215 children found, I was not surprised. I have heard first hand accounts of what happened at those schools.

I was told once that I don’t have to hold my family’s pain. In my family I am a first generation out of residential school. My mother and most of her siblings went, my grandparents went, my great grandfather went.
How can I not hold the pain? Some people say trauma gets passed down through the blood.
It’s my responsibility to not forget. It’s my responsibility to listen when I’m told someone’s story, and remember them.

On Canada day I will not be wearing red. And I will stay home, and I will not scroll Instagram on this account. Because I know many of the Pemberton community and Whistler will celebrate. I had 4 unfollows when I reposted “So you want to talk to kids about racism” and I always get a couple unfollows when I share something similar to that. I am not surprised but it does sting.
However, I almost always get just as much new followers so that makes it sting less.

I know there will be some who wear orange instead of red this year. To those of you who are planning to stand with the residential school survivers and their children this year, I thank you 🧡

Reposted graphic from @rachberwald

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