The Gifts of the Land with Skícza7ul Heather Joseph, online, Thursday 7pm

Belonging has been something I’ve been thinking about since I first moved to Pemberton – a transplant. How could I tend my straggling roots and feel a sense of home in this place that was so deeply unfamiliar to me, having grown up on the opposite side of the world, speaking a completely different vowel-sounded version of English. Mate.

Food, growing food, understanding where food came from, was one path.

Plants, learning plants, naming plants, was another.

The language and culture of the people who know a deep deep sense of belonging to the land, is also something I’ve been trying to respect.

Volunteering or getting involved in community groups was another.

The library, funnily enough, was always there – always a welcoming place, a supportive place, where I wasn’t anonymous, but was a member.

Bringing those things together is pretty cool.

Maybe that’s why I’m particularly excited about Thursday’s offering, presented by the Pemberton & District Library and the Whistler Pemberton Literacy Partnership.

Skícza7ul Heather Joseph, from both N’Quatqua and Líl’wat, will be using The Gifts of the Land to share stories and some of the traditional stories of her people with these medicines in connection with/to/and on the land of the Lil’wat nation.

From Skícza7ul:
I practice traditional medicines on my own at my own pace and learn the ones that are important for us as a family along the way. I have had many great teachers in traditional medicines and I am looking forward to passing this knowledge on to my students including my grandchildren, and even more generations after.

I have been Teaching the Líl’wat language for 8 years including Signal Hill Elementary School. The language is tied to its land and people. Learning the language and walking the land connect us to our past and to our future.The Gifts of the Land book is a beautiful resource and it has been the connection for some people to find their roots to the land and themselves.

This program will be hosted on Zoom!

Registration is required!

Please register here:…/tZYqd…

Presented by Pemberton Libary & the Whistler Pemberton Literacy Partnership.

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