Skícza7ul Heather Joseph teaches us how to introduce ourselves in Ucwalmicts

Skícza7ul Heather Joseph, who is the Ucwalmicts teacher at Signal Hill Elementary, pointed the school community towards this great video, on how to introduce yourself or greet someone in Ucwalmicts. (You can check it out on the First Voices site at̕át̕imc/Lil’wat/Líl̓wat/learn/phrases/70e93d12-3f91-40de-abea-ebe66556f1b6?fbclid=IwAR1LY9MAEhGpq5v87ikAyx8Vfp_S4CTMCTASwoZQalyfguVwqqRFvjPVlag)

Coming up this month, on May 13, keep an eye out for Skícza7ul Heather Joseph appearing (virtually) at the library, as part of a celebration of the Gifts of the Land.

This is what literacy means to me. Not just being able to read books. But being fluent or literate or open-to-learning about culture, being able to read the landscape around us, having a sense of our own geography, our own place in things, growing our awareness. I’m a book-lover and a long-time reader, but this more expansive idea of literacy is so exciting to me – how do I keep growing as a human, in wisdom? What are the resources that can help with that? I love that our library is so much more than a repository of written tomes. They’re always working out how to make information come alive.

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