Sighted: Turkey vulture, tree swallows, greater yellow legs

Turkey vulture. Photo by John Tschopp

Here’s the latest from our birding correspondent, John Tschopp.

Hello friends, when one goes for a walk in our valley, one never knows what interesting sights await you out there. Today I’ll include three pictures from three different days last week. I should also mention, my camera is a big help in recording these moments. It’s a Canon SX 50. In 5 years it has not missed a beat. No, I do not own any Canon shares. [The first] shows a Turkey Vulture. It only eats carrion. 35 years ago this picture would have been impossible. Back then there were no Turkey Vultures in our valley. Yes, Woodducks look prettier than TVs. [In the next photo,] the sky was full of Tree Swallows feeding on flying insects. The frame only shows part of the flock. Just think how many mosquitoes these swallows consume. [In the final shot] this pair of Greater Yellowlegs had a short rest here on their way to Northern BC. GYL can be found all over N America from Atlantic coast to Pacific. Solo birding is a COVID-19 free activity, no need to travel anywhere.                       

Stay healthy,  John

Goodbye mosquitoes! Thank you tree swallows. Photo by John Tschopp.

A pair of greater yellow legs take a pit-stop in Pemberton, on their way to northern BC. Photo by John Tschopp.

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