Shout Out – to scholars and level 4 carpenters for hard work and accomplishments

At the end of March, Lil’wat Nation shared the announcement from St’at’imc Education and Training that 7 students had been awarded $1000 bursaries as Winter 2021 recipients of the St’át’imc Lifelong Learning Scholarship Awards Program,


Katisha Paul – Lil’wat
Austin Whitney – Xaxli’p
Steve Harry – Xaxli’p
Aurora Terry – Xwisten
Nikki Wallace – Lil’wat
Dylan Whitney – Xaxli’p
Shyla Morgan – Ts’kw’aylaxw
— celebrating success. 

Congratulations too, to Lamarr Williams, Joey Andrews, Clara Edwards, Elliott Peters, and Samantha Andrew, for passing your level 4 carpentry.

Working hard and investing in yourself as a student, a learner, is a huge accomplishment. May you go from strength to strength and find paths open up before you bring you joy.

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