Signs of spring, that slither and skitter and seek the sun

They say that you can be assured that it’s time to plant your seeds directly in the ground when you can sit your naked bum comfortably on the earth – that means the soil is warm enough for your little sprouts-to-be.

Planting signals from nature can be more nuanced than the bum-test.

Another sign of spring might be spotting the local herps… although you’ve got to be sharp-eyed. (Or, as Veronica Woodruff says, “Nothing says spring like a reptile sighting! Happy spring northern alligator lizard!.”

Thanks for Dr Leslie Anthony for these pics, via @pembyboa, of some locals celebrating one of the season’s first warmer days.

Sharp tailed snake. Photo by Leslie Anthony.
Rubber boa. Photo by Leslie Anthony.
Northern Alligator Lizard. Photo by Leslie Anthony.

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