Spring is in the air and it sounds like birdsong

I always appreciate John Tschopp’s email, with seasonal updates and reminders to head outside and enjoy our fellow valley-inhabitants. Especially given that they’re accompanied by his wonderful photos, that slowly have helped me learn to identify some of these friends.

Spring migration is in progress in the valley. Trumpeter Swans and Canada Geese are back together with lots of ducks, Mallards being the most numerous. I’m adding a picture of Northern Pintails, which are here in good numbers. On dry ground the Mountain Bluebirds are putting color into the landscape. I also came across a group of five Western Meadowlarks. A nice flock of Evening Grosbeaks is still cruising around the valley. A walk outside will reward you with song and sights of many birds. Stay healthy                John T

Northern pintail duck. Photo by John Tschopp
Mountain bluebird. Photo by John Tschopp

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