This month, take your rake for a walk and give a trail some love

The Pemberton Valley Trails Association PVTA and PORCA are recognizing the work of volunteer trail fairies, of the folk who head out with a rake and some pruners and give their favourite trails a little pre-season love.

As PORCA President Ian Kruger says: “Do your part, rake a bit, clip a little, and shred a lot. Less is more, leave the loam, clear the drains, and rake the ball bearings out of the berms. If in doubt, find a mentor or ask the Pemberton Valley Trails Association.”

To formally recognize the trail work logged, the PVTA is using the Trailforks app’s Trail Work Reports to record volunteer hours put into the Pemberton trails. Top trail work contributors, as calculated by the Trailforks Trail Works Report, for the month of March (and maybe April depending on snow) will receive a token of appreciation generously donated by The Beer Farmers!

Apart from recognizing volunteer helpers, tracking the hours legitimately helps our trail advocacy organizations to understand the real amount of work that goes into delivering an amazing trail network. It will help with future trail building and maintenance project grant applications and advocating for sustainable funding. So don’t by shy or hide your light…

Check out this link for more details and a how to guide:…/3/5/march-maintenance-madness

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