Free Learn to Meditate classes offered by Susan Reifer, March 2 and 4, through Whistler Public Library

Photo by Omid Armin on Unsplash

Paying attention to where you pay attention is a fascinating adventure to embark on. And it can begin with a friendly, supportive, helpful and free two-part session with Susan Reifer, being offered through the Whistler Public Library on March 2 and 4, for one hour each, at 7pm.

There are 15 spaces available, so if you’ve been saying to yourself, “yeah, I probably *should* meditate, I just can’t find the time and don’t know where to begin etc”, this could be the portal you’ve been waiting for!

The sessions are run through zoom. You can do it from your private space in your most comfortable clothes. All are welcome. Advance registration directly with the library is required. (Send Jeanette an email at

ALSO, please don’t think that if you have trouble sitting still, you are automatically cancelled out of eligibility. Susan has been exploring and practicing meditation for 30 years, and is not a teacher of the MY WAY OR THE HIGHWAY path to mindfulness. Bring your resistance, your reluctance, your twitchiness, your racing mind, your discomfort and your aversion to the class. They’ll be welcomed, warmly.

In these two one-hour session, you’ll learn practical foundations of meditation and mindfulness.Where: Online
Time: 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
Repeats: March 2 (Part 1) and March 4 (Part 2)  

Learn practical foundations of non-denominational meditation and mindfulness, and become equipped with simple tools and practices that you can apply in your everyday life. Open to all, whether first-time meditators or those who want to re-energize their existing practice. Facilitated by longtime meditator and RYT Susan Reifer.

We recommend wearing comfortable clothing appropriate for gentle movement and having a notebook or journal. Please consider having a blanket, meditation cushion, yoga block, yoga bolster and/or yoga mat on hand.

Registration is required! Email our Program Coordinator, Jeanette, at to sign up for this virtual workshop. You will be expected to attend both classes (March 2 & 4).


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  • Lisa RichardsonSusan Reifer Ryan YES TO ALL THIS.2
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  • Lisa RichardsonSusan Reifer Ryan Things I particularly love in this, or that arise, in response: it requires renewed intention daily. It’s about reclaiming your sovereignty, instead of relinquishing it. There is active co-opting taking place… so it’s also an act of resistance, in a way, although it’s more felt as a moving towards than a pushing away.

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