Lil’wat: share your photos of wellness to Lil’wat Health and Healing by March 8

What represents living healthy and well to you, Lil’wat?

I’ve been trying to meditate more and one of the things that holds me back is this little attachment to words I suffer from. I’m a namer. As soon as a thought or image arrives, I’m trying to attach a name and a meaning to it… and boom, I’ve bounced out of heart space and back into the whirring brain space. But as I deepen my relationship with imagery, symbolism, myth, archetypes and fairy tales, I’m finding that I’m better able to sit with an image or feeling without needing to jump in and label and name.

That’s why I love this initiative from Lil’wat Health and Healing, to invite community members to share images, photos, that represent living healthy and well – working together, practicing ceremony, gardening, feeling happy, spending time in nature. Gathering images helps SHOW what it feels like to be well, rather than letting words get in the way.

You can email Maggie your images at Margaret.Shanoss@lil’ to share, and be entered to win as $10 gift card for Tsipun/Lil’wat Gas.

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