Take your ears for a walk: Birdsong in the wintertime, with John Tschopp

Birdsong in wintertime is usually limited to the screeching of Steller’s Jays and cawing of crows. Last Sunday I felt like hearing some real singing. With the longer days, the Black-capped Chickadees are timidly practicing their spring songs. We do have two birds in the valley, snow and ice does not stop them from singing. Townsend’s Solitaire and American Dipper. Today I went down to Lillooet Lake to find the Solitaire. At km 1 of the lake road, above the rock bluffs are some Juniper trees. These berries are the winter food for the Solitaires. Sure enough, there was a pair of them. They were even in the mood for some singing. It was music to my ears.  The Dippers can be found locally anywhere near open water. Miller Creek and One Mile Creek are good spots to look for them. They have a very clear song, rather loud for such a small bird.  Good hunting.                     

John T

Don’t look for fancy colors to match the song. They are dressed rather plain.

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