Pemberton Scotiabank brand to close July 2021 – letters of concern to CEO requested

Earlier this week, the Scotiabank advised their Pemberton staff that the local branch was being closed, effective July 2021.

This branch serves many community members for whom internet banking is simply not an option AND it has been a vital part of the fabric of this community for 63 years.

Please take a moment to express your concern to the President and CEO and let him know that this bricks-and-mortar branch is important to the region – the current population is 7,000 and it is estimated to grow to over 9,500 within the next 20 years – with an average population growth of 3.78% – (which is almost 3 times the provincial average.)

Scotiabank has invested a lot in this community over the past 63 years – – have even been recognized as Business of the Year for their contributions and support towards local organizations and programs – and are the only bank in town. (We are serviced by Blue Shore Credit Union – but Scotiabank is the only bank.)

Please join the wave of local folks writing to President and CEO to express their concern about this decision.

There’s also an online petition that currently has almost 1000 signatures at…/brian-porter-scotiabank-ca…

Thanks to David MacKenzie at the Pemberton Valley Lodge for sharing his letter, to help get people started.

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