Building Tolerance for Uncertainty, part 2 – regulating emotions

So, we shared the first chapter of the free resource, Building Tolerance for Uncertainty earlier this month.

As I’m still building my tolerance and my emotional stamina, thought I’d share chapter 2 right here, which is all about developing your literacy in FEELINGS. Yes, that’s right, feelings are more than just good and bad. I think, in some ways, they’re the way the great Mystery that we’re swimming in, communicates with us. Nudges, vibes, moods, feels. There’s some dialogue happening between us and the All That Is, if we can tap into it, and tune in, and just be curious…

If you prefer to learn from a professional, here are the beautiful resources offered by Canadian clinical psychologist Sachiko Nagasawa who produced this in response to her own anxiety related to all the unknowns associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. “We like stability, routine, and a sense of control over our environments and experience tremendous stress when there are disruptions in our normal lives.”

The first chapter invites us to explore emotional stress. Anxiety, after all, is really survival stress. Building tolerance for uncertainty starts with building our tolerance for having emotions. You can download the entire workbook for yourself, (your boss, your kid, anyone!), and/or follow along as we explore each chapter together.

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