T’sek Hotsprings (Skookumchuk) are Closed. Please respect the closure.

Please spread the word, that T’sek Hotsprings are closed.

As Dr Henry has said recently: no workarounds.

“To get through our COVID-19 storm, it requires all of us to do our part. No exceptions, no workarounds, no trying to get around the very few important rules we have in place.”

Staff at the Hot Springs have shared a reminder to please pay attention to the gate and the signs that say NO ENTRY.

This applies to locals and tourists.

On multiple occasions, people have disregarded the closure, and entered the campground and attempted to fill the tubs, and left garbage behind.

T’sek is closed and will be closed until possibly next year.

Until you see a post stating that the hotsprings are open PLEASE STAY away and respect the boundaries, signs and the people.

The T’sek staff thank you for respecting this closure.

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