Halloween Guidelines for October 31 2020, and the power of working together

What I appreciate about good leadership is the way it can invite us to work together, to find a common path, to braid all our individual interpretations, needs, feelings, curiosities, into a stronger way. I appreciate the leadership of Dr Bonnie Henry and every time I say to my partner, “I’m confused about COVID and what to do?” he reminds me that someone has done all the thinking and data analysis and she has a very particular expertise, so I can just do what’s being asked of me. Okay then. And I appreciate the leadership of the Village of Pemberton for saying, okay, let’s apply this to Halloween and do our best to get on the same page as a community, for each other’s well-being. And I appreciate the leadership of Lil’wat Nation, for sharing the importance of limiting our gatherings. I’m watching this community respond with such an outpouring of concern and support and actions, to the search for Peter and River, and feeling so much appreciation for the leaders who have stepped up to organize, to lead searches, to make decisions, and to everyone who has acknowledged that the best way to help and support is to take that guidance, and work as part of a community. That way, all of our little efforts, add up. That way, all of our single solo voices rise up. It is good to be part of a community, and it is wonderful to have such good leadership among us.

Celebrating Halloween in the Village of Pemberton 


via Village of Pemberton

Although Halloween will be a little different this year, it will not stifle our community spirit! Below is a summary of info for this year’s festivities.

Halloween Fireworks: Pemberton Fire Rescue will be lighting up our skies with their annual Halloween Fireworks at 8pm. Given Public Health Orders, community members must watch the fireworks from the comfort of their backyard or an open area. Please do not come to Signal Hill Elementary to view the fireworks. Physical distancing patrols will be in the area and the parking lot will be closed off.

Trick or Treat Locally: We strongly encourage residents to trick or treat within their own neighbourhood in an effort to reduce gatherings and crowds. This year, the Glen has not sourced donations, so there will be limited candy given out. Please respect homes by staying away if the porch lights are out.

Highway Crossing @ Highway 99: As Pemberton Fire Rescue will be executing the fireworks show, they will not be providing their crossing patrols across Highway 99. Those who wish to cross the highway must do so at the traffic lights crosswalk. Be sure to wear bright colours so vehicles are able to see you!

Tour de Decorations: Show us your Halloween spirit! We encourage everyone to decorate their homes this week. Create a Tour de Decorations night walk with your family/bubble and walk around the neighbourhoods prior to Halloween night.

Have Fun: We CAN have a safe and memorable Halloween! Check out the BC Centre of Disease Controlā€™s Halloween safety tips and tricks:Ā http://www.bccdc.ca/…/cov…/social-interactions/halloween

Have a wonderful Halloween!

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