Come hang out with me and Tanina on Monday night! Sharing Circle gets underway, via Zoom, 8pm

In June, I took part in a “Conscious Motherhood during COVID” circle, facilitated by Peak Resilience, a feminist therapy practice based in Vancouver (that the wonderful Village Yoga founder, Raelene Hodgson, used to practice at.) Once a week, at 8pm, after most of us had put our babies to bed, a dozen women and two facilitators (therapists, who were holding the space, but showing up mostly as mothers themselves), would log on and check in and share what was happening in our wildly contracted but still demanding (hello motherhood!) worlds. They were all complete strangers to me, but a strange feeling of affection, support and solidarity arose out of those weekly check-ins. I realized that there wasn’t anything I was experiencing that wasn’t out there, in the world, being felt by someone else. That alone was often enough to lighten the load. Just the commonality of it. And some women would articulate their experience or vibe in a way that gave me new language, or a new way of approaching my day… It felt enriching.

I heard in a recent podcast the power of witnessing and being witnessed. Fiona Shaw was speaking of an equinox ceremony she had facilitated, and these words struck me:

“Witnessing means that something can be let go of. You can feel the compassion of someone else.”

Then you can move through.

Tanina Williams has been part of an online zoom group through the pandemic too, that has been supportive and fulfilling for her.

This Monday, we’re creating our own hang-out space, and you’re invited.

Supported by the Pemberton and District Public Library, Tanina will introduce us to Sharing Circles – a practice that will not just create a safe space for participants to connect, but will also share with you the tools for doing it yourself.

You’ll come away knowing how to create the kind of environment that allows us to create a meaningful connection, so we can feel less alone.

How often have we spent time with people but not really felt a connection with them?

We can learn to build these skills.

And hopefully have a good time doing it.

Please register your interest with the Library (click HERE), to receive the Zoom link.

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