Kids, join the Summer Reading Club through the library

Kids aged 5-14 years are invited to Explore the Universe through the library’s Summer Reading Club, a BC-wide free reading program for school-age children, to help kids stoke their passion for reading.

It’s gone virtual and is a great resource for families.

To participate, all you need to do is join at

Children can read story books, information books, graphic novels, and even comic books! They read in whatever language they wish and in whatever format they prefer, including audio books. They can also listen to someone else read or tell stories.

Beginning June 29th, a new set of activities will be made available each week from the BCSRC.CA site. The Activities have been divided into two age groups: children aged 5-8 years, and those aged 9-14 years old.

Activities will include short videos of crafts and experiments (along with a downloadable pdf). In addition, there will be colouring sheets, crossword puzzles and word finds, and more!


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