What day is this? What phase is this? What can I do? Wait. Stay close to home. Sing along with the Cookie Monster

Someone posted to their Facebook page that today was March 79th. I cry-laughed. How true. Since March 13, when my kid finished school, I picked him up, and treated him to an ice-cream, we have gone into deeper and deeper isolation and the days of the week have become completely abstract. It’s the longest March ever.

It’s understandable that as soon as Dr Bonnie Henry, the provincial health officer and steady hand at the tiller right now, suggests there’s an island in sight, that half the population have jumped overboard and started swimming to shore. Hang on a sec, folks. She said, it’s in sight. Not within reach.


On Friday, May 8, she clarified: get back in the boat!

We’re being treated like adults, being given “principles” and guidelines to interpret and apply according to our circumstances. Sometimes, I envy my friends who are living in Spain, the UK and Australia. Their leaders are not so inclined – they’re simply saying, here are the rules, stay inside. There’s a clarity for them to just settle in to.

Where we are feels a lot more like adulting.


I feel sometimes that marketing, capitalism, social media – all the key influences informing our culture and our psychologies – wants to regress us all, wants to take us back to the toddler years when all we had fluency in was our rawest emotions and needs. ME. WANT. NOW.

It’s takes time to cultivate patience, appreciation for the thing that is earned, through effort and delayed gratification, rather than the instant desire that is instantly met…

There are so many things that ME WANT NOW…

Me friends, me freedom, me sense of orientation…

But me wait.

Here are the guidelines we’re being offered: (as of May 8 2020)

“We must continue with what we have been doing, because it is working. We have flattened our curve and must keep it there.

“Until we move into Phase 2, the orders, restrictions and guidance remain in place.

“Our go-forward principles are our playbook for where we are today and how we will move forward. They are the rules to help us decide what is safe for ourselves, our loved ones and our communities. These principles will not change until COVID-19 is no longer a risk to any of us.

“Physical distancing is here to stay. We must continue to keep a safe physical distance from anyone outside of our household.

“There are no exceptions to staying home if you are ill. Even if it seems to be seasonal allergies, a cold or potentially COVID-19. And if you do have symptoms of COVID-19, contact 811 or your health-care provider to be assessed and tested.

“Travelling anywhere increases the likelihood of making us an unintentional carrier for COVID-19. While essential travel must continue, personal travel needs to be minimized, wherever possible.

“Our playbook for the pandemic has the ‘rules’ all of us must learn and follow. Keeping these top of mind will allow us to keep progressing through BC’s Restart Plan:

  1. Maintain physical distancing outside your household. For example, no handshaking or hugging, keeping your number of contacts low and keeping a safe distance.
  2. Practise good hygiene – hand hygiene, avoid touching your face and respiratory etiquette.
  3. Stay at home and away from others if you are feeling ill. That means staying home from school, work or socializing.
  4. Make necessary contact safer with appropriate controls, e.g., using plexiglass barriers or redesigning spaces.
  5. Increase cleaning of frequently touched surfaces at home and work.
  6. Consider using non-medical masks in situations where physical distancing cannot be maintained, such as on transit or while shopping.
  7. Continue to minimize non-essential personal travel.
  8. Stay informed, be prepared and follow public health advice.


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