Language lessons dropping daily on Facebook!

What day of the week is it?

Yes, it can be hard to keep track these days.

But why not take the opportunity to practice language? It’s an act of healing, I think, to speak Ucwalmicwts. It heals culture and community and I think it heals the land too and all the connections that keep us all alive become stronger, the knots tightened, the web rewoven.

For those undertaking homeschooling, add this to the repertoire.

Follow the Lil’wat Nation Culture Centre and Events facebook page, for daily language lessons.

They are releasing one video, every day!

(We will share them out via the Wellness Almanac, as well, although there may be a delay.)

The link will take you to the First Voices app, where the language lesson video will play on a small screen, that you can open up.

These videos are such a helpful way to learn the language, because you hear a native speaker say the word, then see it written, and the meaning in picture. It attunes your ear to the sounds of the language.

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 12.47.34 PM

Screen Shot 2020-03-30 at 12.48.36 PM




Here are the days of the week!We will share a weekly lesson here on the blog.


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