Ride-or-die mountain bikers respectfully asked to dial it down for now

Photo by Ed Witwicki

Photo by Ed Witwicki

Ride-or-die mountain bikers have embraced the compatibility of self-isolation and mountain biking of late, but please take into consideration this respectful request from one of our (wonderful) local docs, Dr Nick Fisher, posted earlier this week to the  Bike Pemberton forum.

Dial it down.

We are immensely fortunate to have the emergency medical clinic we have. I’ve been there, as a patient, and I walked away patched up and so grateful.

But it’s little. It’s staffed by a handful of human-humans. They might have capes tucked in their tickle trunks, but as super as they are, they are fallible. And they  need us to understand capacity issues.



Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 10.46.45 AM

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