Why dancing might be the medicine you need

After I wrote about my first experience with 5 rhythms movement,a friend shared this with me. It’s a beautiful articulation of why dance offers good medicine, but takes great courage.

If it tempts you to try it out,Bettina Rothe is offering a 5 Rhythms Movement class in Squamish tomorrow night!

The movement practice of the 5Rhythms® invites you to follow your feet and to listen to the wisdom of your body, and explore the mother language of our bodies — rhythm. With no steps to learn, the practice itself is simple, and has the power to catalyze deep healing and creative expression. All you need to do is show up, tune in and move what is alive in you.

The aim of this practice is to vitalize and to unleash the wild and untamed spontaneous freedom we are all born with. It is a path from depression into expression. It is a philosophy, a perspective and a practice about how life moves and changes.

Every body is welcome. Come and join us for an evening of ecstatic dance and states of heightened awareness!

Friday, Feb. 28th: 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

At: Squamish United Church, 38014 4th Ave, Squamish, British Columbia

Please pre register for this event, we anticipate it will sell out!

PM, email or text Jessica Carlin to register or for more information jessicarmt@gmail.com/ 778-998-2583

Cost: $40 ($35 student/senior/underemployed)
Payment by e-transfer or cash/ cheque




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