The story you tell creates the reality we live

“If we hold the story of the world as this dead thing, a source of resources, a dump for our wastes, we create a world that is dead. Our stories are our most powerful creative tool. They tell us who we are and why we are here. And maybe we need to replace the rhetoric of “we better change or we’re not going to survive” because what if that’s not true and what it people sense that’s not true? Do you really believe we’re going to be extinct in 20 years. Most people do not really believe it, if they did for real, they wouldn’t be acting as they do right now. So the important question is not what do we need to do to survive, but what world do we want live in? To recognize the power of our choices, the power of stories, the power of the story of “the world is alive.” If we hold that story, we invite the world to be more and more alive. It’s not good enough just to make a living and to survive. The young person wants to know why they’re here.”


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