Hot Springs survey invites your input by Feb 28

Share your views about the future management of Meager Creek Hot Springs and Keyhole Hot Springs (two popular destinations in the Upper Lillooet River Valley near Pemberton) in a new public survey.

The survey is hosted by the Fraser Basin Council for the Province of BC and Lil’wat Nation. It is open now through February 28, 2020.



About the Project

The Province of BC and Lil’wat Nation are working together to address public visitation at Meager Creek Hot Springs and Keyhole Hot Springs, both natural hot springs in the Upper Lillooet River Valley.

The Fraser Basin Council (FBC) is assisting the project partners as an impartial facilitator, conducting outreach and engagement with stakeholders and the public.

Land managers are interested in these areas for the following reasons:

  • Hot springs are unique and popular destinations
  • Both Meager Creek and Keyhole Hot Springs have high wildlife values, ecological values, cultural and spiritual values, as well as recreational values
  • Both places have seen impacts to these values from visitation in the past (e.g., human-wildlife conflict, lack of proper food storage and garbage)
  • The Mount Meager Volcanic Complex is one of the most geologically active areas in North America, and risks to public safety exist from natural hazards (i.e., landslides)
  • New and upgraded industry roads in the Upper Lillooet and the Meager Creek drainage (i.e., permit roads supporting industrial activity such as logging) have improved vehicular access to both hot springs, though there are public motorized access restrictions in place to protect grizzly bears and public safety
  • The Meager Creek Hot Springs recreation site has been closed since the 2010 Capricorn landslide destroyed access to the area, and the Keyhole Hot Springs and Keyhole-Lil’watátkwa7 trail are closed from April 1 – November 15 annually, due to increased wildlife conflicts caused by recreational users. However, people continue to visit both places, despite these closures.

In light of changing road access and recent increases in public visitation during site closures, the Province and Lil’wat are taking this opportunity to reassess management of both hot springs.

Take the Survey

This project is in its early stages and we are seeking input from those who have an interest in these areas. Your input will be considered as project partners define objectives for the future management of both hot springs. Results will be shared on this site after the survey is closed.

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