What might free rein at a room full of art supplies unleash in you? Find out February 5 at Art Asylum. RSVP!

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The first time I tried Vision Boarding, it was so hard. I mean, you’re just ripping out pages from magazines to make a collage. What’s so hard about that? But my head kept getting in the way, asking unhelpful questions like “what is the point of this?” and “how is a picture of a model going to tell me anything about my life or my desires”.

A year later, Sea to Sky Community Services, Capilano University and Dream Makers Community Literacy Coalition brought expressive arts practitioner Jill Dawson back for another round. This time, I let my brain take a break, and gave my heart-mind free rein. I let myself be looser…. applying Jill’s instructions with a little more softness in my body. “Just flick through pages until you see something that tickles you. Don’t think. Don’t analyze. Just rip.” Rip it out, and then, once you have a pile of images, start to arrange.

It’s like switching off your brain. It was relaxing, meditiative, but deeply absorbing, to take a morning off, and do something crafty for myself. with no agenda. no judgment. The goal was not to create something good. There was no artistic value to the collage/vision board. It was just an opportunity to hold space for things in me that live deep beneath the surface, to find expression, to surface, to bubble up through images, so I can look and acknowledge.


There is no part of me that wonders if this vision board has artistic merit. It simply brings me a massive amount of joy to see perched up on my windowsill.

Jill is back next week with another offering for Pemberton and Mount Currie residents… an “Art Asylum” workshop, in which she will basically let you have free rein at a room full of art supplies.

How often do we pay attention to the heart? To the whisperings within? To the voices that get drowned out by the to-do list, the mind, the analyst, the critic? I’ll answer for myself: NOT OFTEN ENOUGH.

What happens if we make space for that part of our selves… the sub-surface?

Well, lovelies, why don’t you find out for yourselves?

Here’s a lovely free low (no!) barrier way to try it out.

Wednesday, February 5, 6:30pm – 8:30pm (at Sea to Sky Community Services Program house, which is across from the Fire Hall, up by Bog fabrics.)

Sign up by emailing Jenny: jenniferfitzgerald2@capilanou.ca

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