We are all flawed. We don’t need leaders. We need each other.

Local photographer, and former Wellness Almanac guestagrammer, Anastasia Chomlack, was recently hired to shoot portraits of a host of wellness celebrities and teachers for a new offering from the producers of Wanderlust. So, I started to follow.

This little video clip features Russell Brand answering the question: could the 12 step process used to help people manage their addictions, help society at large?

Russell Brand for one commune photo by Anastasia Chomlack

Photo by Anastasia Chomlack

Here’s part of what he has to say:

“Because I have a program, because I live a spiritual life, I see craving itself as neither good or bad. What it ultimately wants is love and oneness. All desire is just the inappropriate substitute for the desire to be one with God. I always ask myself what is your intention in this moment, what are you trying to get to? I have to focus on being free of my own defects of character, my own flaws, which I can only do intermittently, so it’s important I’m part of a collective, so the other empowered people in the collective I  participate in can say, oh lovely speech, but seems like you’ve drifted back tinot the narcissism! I don’t think it’s necessary to have stratified societies, those kind of hierarchies that deify, rarify and worship an individual, even though I love all that stuff, I love an icon, I love Martin Luther King, Che Guevara, Ghandi – of course they were flawed. But anybody in a position of power is vulnerable to the predelictions of the powerful. One of the things I like around the tradition of 12 step support groups is that you acknowledge that all people are flawed, and you don’t ever put anyone in a position where they can damage the whole. The collective, the value of the collective is everything. Connection to other people in a group, service to other people, helps me to be free of the self-centredness that otherwise governs me.”

When we look around for heroes and leaders and saviours, we are condemning them to fail. Everyone will eventually succumb to the pressure. What we need, instead, is to create collectives, ways that we support and hold and uplift each other, and keep each other accountable. Isn’t that a marvellous idea and invitation?

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