#ClimateRoundDance actions add a welcome layer to the global climate strikes, November 29

Indigenous communities and settler communities standing with them are organizing a wave of #ClimateRoundDance actions for Nov 29th to accompany the global climate strike.

This video explains what people can do, to be part of the #ClimateRoundDance.

Screen Shot 2019-11-15 at 1.16.25 PM

One viewer summarised her impressions of the talk:

The message coming across barriers of language and tradition, of how while one culture talks about ownership and parcels of land bought, Indigenous People are thinking of relatives and ancestors. How there is no recognition of Indigenous wisdom in taking care of the land, with sovereignty of land for traditional, sustainable food sources not as a quest for power, money, jobs. They called for an understanding of Indigenous Cultures by non-Indigenous people. They called for a recognition that Indigenous People with traditional understanding of the land, need to be at the forefront of this movement to save this Earth and the people on it. To treat the land as it needs to be treated, and to visit that land, use it in the way it is meant to be used. To imagine this land sustaining the children and grandchildren. That we live our lives for the children and grandchildren, whether our own or not. That there needs to be a recognition of Indigenous ways of thinking, that this is bigger than science, that just as we were looked after by our parents, we live to look after the young ones and that we live to take care of this Earth.

These #ClimateRoundDance actions will drum, sing, and dance the message that Indigenous Sovereignty is Climate Action – that Indigenous communities are on the frontlines of the climate crisis and are also protecting 80% of the Earth’s remaining biodiversity.


Indigenous sovereignty is climate action #IdleNoMore 15,000 people strong at the Vancouver Climate Strike

For more, follow #IdleNoMore on Facebook.

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