Set off a gratitude bomb today

On October 5, in Manhattan’s East Village, the writer Elizabeth Gilbert drew a  medicine wheel in her journal... and I made a quick screenshot and note to myself: try this.

Circling back now, and sharing, because sometimes it helps to put a pen in your hand, draw a circle, and start scribbling.

Over to Liz:

I set off a Gratitude Bomb in my journal yesterday. Science says that gratitude is good for you. Like, REALLY good for you. As in: Simply writing down three things a day that you are grateful for reduces inflammation. Lowers stress. Reverses depression. Increases optimism. So…if merely writing down three things that you’re grateful for will do all that, imagine what would happen to your life if you set off a GRATITUDE BOMB?!

Would you like to know how to create a gratitude bomb? Well, I shall teach you, because I made it up. Draw a warm golden sun, in the middle of the page. (Or, if you’re trying to be artsy like me, draw the sun off-center. Because: edgy!) This is now the core of your new galaxy of gratitude. Draw six lines, radiating out from the sun. (Or use fancy washi tape, like I did, because maybe you haven’t been drinking lately, and maybe you are alone, and so maybe you have a LOT of free time your on your hands these days to buy art supplies.)

Label the six segments: SPIRIT, COMMUNITY, FAMILY, BODY, WORK, HOME.

And then fill in each segment with words about what you are grateful for, in each category.

Let the words spill right off the page, with the understanding that this galaxy is expanding.

Imagine that your gratitude is shooting right out into space.

Some segments will be easier to fill than others. Dig deep. Get creative. If you’re having trouble with your family of origin, for instance, show gratitude for the other kinds of “family” that you have in your life. (Pets, plants, and books count as family, by the way. Clouds are also your family.)

If you hate your job, find gratitude for having one at all —or think deeper about what your REAL work in the world is. (Maybe your real work to forgive yourself. Or maybe your real work is to pick up scraps of trash off the street, so nobody else has to do it.)

If you’re having health problems, find gratitude for what is still working in your body—or humbly thank it for the years of health and service it gave you.

Keep going. Fill the page. Fill the galaxy. Trust that you are blessed, even when you forget that you are blessed. It’s time to remember. #gratitudebomb Onward❤️LG

If you try this and are willing to share, send us a note at or post it online and tag us.

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