Home (a music break, as we wrestle with this strange word)

I have just come back from a three week trip to Australia, land of my birth. Come home now. Went home then. In my absence, Amanda Ritchie, who has just come home, to here, took the reins. The two of us, criss-crossing back and forth, inter-relating, tag-teaming, trying to find our place, to speak our truths.


I am still somewhere between two places and pondering the meaning of this word, home.


I’m still thinking about this strange word, and where it leaves us, what it means, how I feel about these comings and goings, these losses and gains and all the letting go that is required of our days, and so in that don’t-got-no-answers place, I offer this: a music break. Xavier Rudd. Home. May you feel at home in your skin today and may there be people holding space for you, to find your way to wherever you need to be.

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