Another Lil’ Spidey and Foraging Adventure

I met this little gem by the river yesterday. I joined a Facebook group where I could ask for help identifying insects, and this little guy is potentially a Dark Fishing Spider. A spider that stalks their prey instead of catching it in a web. They hunt near the water, where they can walk on top of water surfaces, and also are able to dive and be under water for up to half an hour! They are also a species where the females practice sexual cannibalism! Females eat the males for protein, before or after intercourse depending on their needs. Maybe it’s not an accurate ID but either way I still enjoyed learning about the Dark Fishing Spider (Dolomedes tenebrosus).Learned at: are some photos of my adventure today:Pine mushrooms, leaf skeletons, lichen, babbling brooks, and mushroom teeth 🤩 man I am just so in love with the forest life and all its mystery, and and beauty.Kúkstumkacw for all your support readers! I’ve had so much fun sharing on Wind of Change 😊