Káykay – The Good News Bird

I took this photo 7 years ago. It’s a t̲s̲vkat̲s̲v́ka or a Stellar’s Jay, to pronounce that I would suggest using First Voices but I would describe it as “tsuckatsucka.” In particular t̲s̲vkat̲s̲v́ka is a Jay who brings bad news. Kay Kay is a Jay who brings good news. My mom always fed them and liked to watch them. I guess that’s where I got my bird watching love from as well as my love for berries and all things beautiful things I still enjoy today. I intend to learn more about birds, their habits, what they eat, and how to help them thrive. Because these days our birds aren’t doing as great as they used to before us humans started interfering with their habitats. I hope to get more nice photos of them too, while still being respectful of their space.

I’d also like to add that Stellar’s Jays are actually doing quite well compared to other birds. They’re resilient and resourceful little feathered friends.

I think this Kay Kay would like to share that I’m coming home today! So thats the good news. See you soon Lil’wat!

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