Cedar Root Digging

Join Vera Edmonds on October 13th for Cedar Root digging. This is a wonderful opportunity to share an ancient tradition that has been kept alive all this time by our Elders like Vera. Baskets continue to have an important role in our communities today. Getting to know cedar is like getting to know and love who we are. We are in relation with the land, with cedar trees and we have roots that keep us strong!

I think this would especially be a wonderful opportunity for young ones and their mom’s. Or for teachers who could pass the teachings on to the youth in their classes.

I raise my hands to Vera, to the organizers of this amazing opportunity, and to our sisters and great great great great grandmothers who we call Cedar. Or check out the First Voices link to learn how to say red cedar, or yellow cedar.

Learn how to say cwepqám̓ – to dig cedar roots for basket making, on: First Voices – Lil’wat

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