Learn to save seeds, this Sunday, 2pm, at the Pemberton Community Garden


Love and kindness and nurturing are radical acts. Here’s a way to get radical, and learn how to save your own seeds, so you and your family and your community are not vulnerable to mega-corporations who are working diligently to control the world’s seed supply…


Art by Molly Costello

Since a friend showed me how to wander nonchalantly through my garden, tickling cosmo flowers so their prickle-sticky seeds could fall into my palm, I have come to deeply appreciate that we live in a world of abundance. It is medicine for my heart every time i start to hyperventilate, to panic, to clench, to think that there’s not enough and I need to draw lines around what is mine and be more protective… and then I open the palm of my hand and receive all those seeds dropping off the flower. One single plant can provide more seeds than I can possibly every plant in one season. So the most sensible and obvious thing to do is share it. It doesn’t feel like a gesture of magnamity. It feels like a favour. Here, friends, take these seeds off my hands. I have soooooooo many. Let’s insulate ourselves from the risk of a poor harvest, a lean season, by spreading the seeds around.

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