We are star dust

They say we are made of stars.

In our blood, iron from worlds beyond trees.

Golden wishes from aeons past.

The seedlings of humanities deepest dreams.


Who are we really?

Poetry and stardust

Bone and marrow

Flesh and soul

Heart and hearth

Tears and scars

Conditioning and freedom

Humility and wisdom

Foible and folly

Drama and comedy

Error and perfection

Coiled tight. Coming undone.




Between ages

Between stories

Between breath

Between star and soul

Human being. Becoming

by Stasha Ginsburg. The Wild Matryoshka


2 thoughts on “We are star dust

  1. Hugh & Jan Naylor says:

    One of my favourite topics Lisa.

    We have a fond memory of seeing “Hair” on a London stage in the late 60’s.

    The Periodic Table is a thing of beauty, arranging properties of all the elements found on earth in tabular fashion according to their atomic structure and, here’s the rub, that the atomic structure of say iron or oxygen on earth are identical to samples of those elements found throughout the universe.

    The merging of the spirit and science of stardust provides for me the all the stuff needed for my dreams.



    • Lisa Richardson says:

      well, i love that you weave music in there too, hu… but i agree wholeheartedly. it’s when science injects such wonder and awe in my mind that i think i’m the closest i’ll get to enlightenment. not actually having the answers to anything, but hovering in a state of rapturous awe… thanks for sharing.

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