Spotted: Barred Owl

It’s not every often you glimpse an owl by daylight, but the ever watchful John Tschopp was blessed with such a sighting on Wednesday July 24, and happily had his camera at the ready, to capture these amazing shots of a Barred Owl.

owl 010

Barred Owl. Welcome squirrel eater. Photo by John Tschopp.

It was perched in his walnut tree, waiting for a fat squirrel, to John’s delight, as the rodents rip the nuts off the tree before they are ripe.

owl 008

Barred owl visiting Pemberton, July 2019. Photo by John Tschopp.

Explains John, “the Barred Owl is the species that competes with the rare Spotted Owl for territory. The two Owls look identical except for the chest. One has vertical black bars, where the other has white spots on dark background.”

owl 012

Barred Owl. Photo by John Tschopp.

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