Bard in the Hall: theatrical fundraiser for the Pemberton Farmers Market at the Community Centre, Saturday, 4pm

Pull Shakespeare of his pedestal and raise funds for the Pemberton Farmers Market on Saturday, from 4pm to 5:30pm.

This afternoon of humorous Shakespearesque theatre and music will answer that question you didn’t know you were asking yourself:  how Kids in the Hall might approach the historical Julius Caesar by Shakespeare?


🎭The actors have been rehearsing dedicatedly for many weeks,
🎶local musician Laura Nedelak has her guitar and sweet vocals primed and ready,
🍪vendors and businesses are preparing delicious treats for our guests…

If you don’t take the chance to see live theatre in Pemberton and support the market, then may you be “spiced, marble-constant pittikins” and “sturdy, gallant-springing shoulder-clappers”… because it really would be a missed opportunity.


$20 a ticket.

4pm at the Pemberton Community Centre


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