Meet Ricardo Lau, this week’s guestagrammer

I’ve often been stopped in my tracks by Ricardo Lau (aka @cardobear’s) photography, so I asked him if he’d share some of his work and the man behind the lens as our guestagrammer this week.

“I never found myself interesting and tend to be a bit shy so this will be a first,” he admitted, and then dove straight in. (Because this is how we show up and grow community. By outbraving our shyness… and finding welcome and encouragement.)

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Hi! My name is Ricardo Lau and I'll be taking over this week. I've never found myself interesting and tend to be a bit shy so this will be a first. I am a Canadian born Chinese-Bolivian. I didn't feel like my life was going anywhere in the city with fake friends and the weekend parties. My GF and I decided to move to Banff to pursue a life of skiing, hiking and mtb. Eventually the party life caught up with me but a miracle happened. My son was born. Prices were going up and expenses were getting higher so we packed up and moved out west with a last minute decision to live in Pemberton. I came out here to be a ski bum but ended up becoming a Fishing Guide for the last 3 years. Like clockwork, the Whistler bubble found me. Ive had my ups and downs but now I take it one day at a time. This year I decided to take time off to spend more time with my kid and live a healthier lifestyle. I'm hoping to share some photos to remind everyone that life is short and should not be wasted. Looking forward to sharing my week! ✌

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