Love snakes. (Or not. Either way…) Give ’em a swerve.

A public service announcement from @pembyboa, our resident snake advocate:

Spring in Pemberton is the time of year that the amphibians that live on the hillsides are moving back and forth from their valley-bottom breeding ponds. They cross roads at night in the rain. So if you’re passing a swamp on a rainy night slow down and keep an eye on the road so you don’t end up squashing critters like my friend here—Larry the Long-toed Salamander.  Also, as always, watch out for us snakes on the road anytime—we love that warm gravel and asphalt! #snakes#pembysphere #critters #nature#natureish #psa #pemberton #herps#roadecology

baby rubber boa or moss worm photo by leslie anthony

Baby rubber boa, aka “moss worm” Photo by Leslie Anthony

Northern Alligator Lizard photo by Leslie Anthony

Northern Alligator Lizard. Photo by Leslie Anthony

Rubber boa photo by Leslie Anthony

Rubber boa. Photo by Leslie Anthony

squashed long toed salamander photo by leslie anthony

Long toed Salamander. Roadkill. Photo by Leslie Anthony. Please, slow down for the spring amphibians….!

northern alligator lizard photo by lieslie anthony

Northern Alligator lizard. Photo by Leslie Anthony

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