Poo fairies aren’t real

Oh, wouldn’t it be wonderful if they were. Alas, for now, it seems, the fairies only come to collect baby teeth. The poo is on us.

Love this approach from the Village of Pemberton to remind people to scoop the poop.

Poo Fairy

Why Should you Scoop the Poop?
  • One gram of dog waste can contain 23 million fecal coliform bacteria, which can contaminate our waterways and cause illnesses in humans.
  • Dog waste can take a year to fully decompose, leaving our parks and green spaces patchy.
  • It’s unsightly. Let’s face it, no one loves to find a fresh pile of dog poop stuck to their shoe.
  • Kids, kids everywhere! Young children aren’t as aware of their surroundings adults making them prime victims of dog poo encounters.
  • IT’S THE LAW. There will be zero tolerance for those found not picking up after their dogs.
Questions? Contact the Village Office at 604.894.6135.

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