Downtown enhancement to get underway in Pemberton, Open House March 26 has the details

The Village of Pemberton’s Downtown Enhancement Project kicks off March 26, 2019.

The Downtown Enhancement Open House, held on Tuesday, March 26th, 5pm-7pm in Room D at the Pemberton & District Community Centre, will have the details of the schedule and impacts.


Funded by the Federal Gas Tax Fund in the amount of $5.3 million, the Village’s Downtown Enhancement Project aims to reduce the community’s carbon footprint by creating a more walkable downtown, managing our stormwater and improving aging critical infrastructure.


The scope of the Downtown Enhancement Project will include:

  • rehabilitating downtown roads including portions of Frontier, Aster and Prospect Streets;
  • reducing the impervious surfaces to allow for stormwater infiltration and reduced overall runoff;
  • decommissioning the failing asbestos concrete (AC) watermain and replacing it with PVC piping;
  • creating a downtown stormwater system focused on green infrastructure, such as infiltration;
  • swales and recycling of runoff for irrigation purposes;
  • planting of trees for the removal of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases from the air;
  • improving pedestrian safety by installing LED street lighting; and
  • replacing and installing sidewalks throughout the project area.

The Downtown Enhancement Project is anticipated to be completed in the Fall.

The Village will make every reasonable effort to minimize the construction impacts on the community throughout the duration of the project, however there may be both expected and unexpected inconveniences as with any type of infrastructure project this size.

Stay in the loop by singing up for Village of Pemberton eNews at (at the bottom of the homepage) and ‘like’ the Facebook page: where we will be sharing timely information regarding project timelines, downtown access and detours.

If you have questions or concerns regarding the project, please contact


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