Magic, by Jessie McNaught

Jessie McNaught is a local photographer and stylist who captured an entire gallery of amazing photos with Santa, at the 2018 Santa PAWS event. Check them out, here. I’m not even a dog lover (I know, stone me now), but these “family” photos are so heartwhelming. As was the amazing volunteer effort in putting this event together. It’s become one of my favourite traditions for the season, even if, the first two years I attended, I didn’t have an animal to borrow, and so my toddler dressed in his dog suit for the cause. I think what swells my heart the most is knowing that there is nothing that takes place in these small communities of ours that doesn’t occur because of hours of energy and effort from people – from our friends and neighbours. When I’m on the receiving end of that effort, I feel immensely appreciative. So here’s to all of you, who have given your time and energy, to make our communities better, healthier, kinder, and more fun. Thank you. I hope it returns to you a hundredfold. (I suspect it will, because that’s how these things seem to go. But I hope you feel it. And know you deserve it.)


Photos by Jessie McNaught



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