Birds of November: raptors, snow buntings, and a great horned owl

Per 013

Peregrine falcon, perched in a cottonwood tree. Photo by john Tschopp. November 2018

Yesterday proved to be a good day for our birding correspondent, John Tschopp, with sightings of a portrait-ready snow bunting, a peregrine falcon in a roadside cottonwood, trumpeter swans, northern harriers and even a kestrel.

Tschopp had already spied a small flock of snow buntings, the previous week. Rare visitors to Pemberton Valley, snow buntings do not show every winter.

SNB 18 004

Flock of snow buntings, spotted November 7 2018. Photo by John Tschopp

Before the day was done, Tschopp was called by Heather Baines, who was on an owl recovery mission near Wilson Road. The duo retrieved a Great Horned Owl from beside a chicken coop. With much clicking of the beak, it was boxed up and sent of to the Owl Recovery Centre in Delta.

GHO 003

Great Horned Owl. Photo by John Tschopp. November 15 2018

Per 010

Arctic snow bunting, on its vacation in Pemberton. Photo by John Tschopp.

Per 007

Snow Bunting. Photo by John Tschopp.

2 thoughts on “Birds of November: raptors, snow buntings, and a great horned owl

  1. Lisa Richardson says:

    I’d be a complete bird-ignoramus without John’s emails and photos. As it is, I’m a partial bird ignoramus… but that’s progress. I read that they’re an arctic bird. Cool the way they make the world literally smaller and more connected.

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