Tallying the salmon coming home

Thanks to Maxine Joseph-Bruce for sharing the salmon tally, as of Tuesday 18 September:

Sneknukwa7, 12,129 sockeye in the Birkenhead River as of this afternoon tally. River level is pretty low and temporature is at around 12c.
Much appreciation to the Lil’wat Fisheries Technicians for all their efforts to this point, we are at around mid-season for sockeye.
Kukwstumckalap, Nilh ti

Pair this with an aerial video of the run, shot and shared by David Ward:

One thought on “Tallying the salmon coming home

  1. dawnjohnson2013 says:

    Hi Maxine and Lisa!

    Max – is there historical data that you have collected over the years on salmon returns that maybe we can share on the Wellness Almanac? I read all your posts and wonder….is that low? high? how are the salmon doing this year compared to last year? It would be really interesting to see and I think, help people understand the challenges that our salmon face in returning home.

    Just a suggestion! I know you are busy!


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