Midnight Serenades

Moon at dusk over Lillooet Lake

Settling in to sleep, I’m invited into the night by a riot of crickets. A Great Horned owl choruses, “Hoo-hoo-hoooo-hoo, Hoo-hoo-hoooo-hoo – beckoning me in further. And, in the background,  the eternal silence of the night reminds me that I am. I’m serenaded into belonging as nature’s lullaby sings me to sleep. The wind caresses the silence as it passes through the night air, slipping through my window and whispering along my skin. This is a time for quiet magic when thoughts are overruled, and become oddly unimportant. This is an eternal moment that’s been repeated for thousands of years – gracing me with a state of timelessness. There is no past, no present, no future – only the always that defines oneness. I am the night sky, the trees, the grass, and the wind. I am simultaneously the crickets, the owl, and the silence. I hear the call of nature, and know that I am nothing, and I am everything. Blessed is the night. Blessed is eternity.

bird animal owl

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

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