Library upgrades underway. Support the next phase at Oktoberfest, October 13. Tickets on sale September 14.

Anyone who has lived in this area for a little while is aware that our community is going through some growing pains…. nowhere has responded as quickly, positively and proactively (in my opinion) as the Pemberton & District Public Library. I wonder if that’s because staff have such constant and direct contact with so many people in the community, that the feedback about people’s needs and concerns are, is pretty immediate. Or whether they’re just awesome. (My bias. I’m not ashamed.)

The first phase of the renovations is complete – it’s all about maximizing space.

The next phase requires some fundraising before it can get started, so the library invites you all to celebrate Oktoberfest with some chicken-dancing, brats and locally crafted beverages.

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When you hear the word ‘Library’ what’s the first thing you think of? Books, right!? 📚 Books are still a hugely important part of what we do (and rightly so because our community LOVES books – we loan out well over 6,500 items every month) but the Library space is also incredibly important for many as a place to study, work, and relax. With over 7,000 visits being made to our Library each month we recognized we needed to make some changes to the space as our community continues to grow. Earlier this month we embarked on Phase 1 of a 2 phase project to maximize the use of the Library space to better support the diverse reasons people use the Library, all without impacting on the size of the collection. We removed the traditional circulation desk to open up the space for public computer use to better support the 650+ patrons that visit the Library each month to use a computer. We created a freestanding Information & Check Out desk so that staff are more accessible for check outs and inquiries. We created a dedicated ‘quiet zone’ for patrons that wish to study or work quietly and we increased the seating at the laptop bar and in the lounge area. We are incredibly grateful to the @wbfoundation for their grant to support this first phase and we hope you will all join us for our Oktoberfest fundraiser on October 13th to raise the funds for Phase 2! . . . #pembylibrarytakeover #pembylibrary #pembylife #inspiringminds

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Tickets will go on sale starting Friday September 14th at the Library.

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